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Children's Church Schedule

See Bulletin for Schedule

Mission Statement: Children's church exists to share Christ with the children in our community, encourage them to honor God with their lives, help children connect with other Christians, help them to understand God's plan for their lives and provide opportunities for them to take action for Christ.

Purpose: To minister to children through worship, Bible teaching, fellowship and prayer.

Worship: We provide worship for the children that is fun and geared to their age level.  Our church service helps them praise and worship Jesus.


Bible Teaching: There is an object lesson and memory verse each week.

Fellowship: Cultivating friendships is very important in children's church.  Special events are also provided throughout the year.

Prayer: Our goal is to help each child understand that prayer is essential.  Teaching children to talk to God about everything will carry through to adulthood.

Core Values: The following developmental opportunities are provided through children's church:

* Praising and encouraging your children
* Teaching self discipline and respect
* Promoting positive behavior and self esteem
* Providing nutritious snacks
* Recreational opportunities through fun, involvment and participation.